Meet our Product Expert

Firaaz Baker

Firaaz Baker

Head of Insurance Product

Firaaz Baker brings over two decades of rich and diverse experience in the insurance and call center industries, currently at the helm as Head of Product & Business Development at JAG Method. His career journey is a testament to a relentless pursuit of excellence, starting from the foundational days of working in a security company's control room during his Matric years, to pivotal roles in banking, media, and market research, before finding his true calling in insurance.

Early Career and Evolution:

Firaaz started his career with ABSA in 2004, where his passion for sales quickly emerged, leading him to excel in the home loan space. His ambition and drive for success propelled him to significant roles at Media24, where he spearheaded the setup of a call center from scratch during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This early experience in building systems and teams from the ground up has been a consistent theme in his approach to business development.

Notable Achievements:

Transitioning to the insurance industry, Firaaz's strategic acumen and leadership were instrumental at Multichoice, where he skyrocketed the insurance division from 270,000 to a staggering 1.23 million active policies. At Telesure, he broke conventional silos, creating a culture of competition that led Dial Direct to become the top-performing brand under his stewardship.

Current Role and Vision:

In his current capacity at JAG Method, Firaaz is at the forefront of product innovation and strategic partnerships, driving growth with a keen focus on providing unparalleled value to clients. His vision is anchored in leveraging insurance expertise to enhance customer experiences and ensure the industry's adaptation to the digital future, blending technology with the human touch for personalised service.

Leadership and Personal Philosophy:

Firaaz's leadership style is characterised by passion, fairness, and a commitment to nurturing a positive growth culture. He believes in the power of building strong relationships, both within his team and with clients, to create lasting impacts. His approach to continuous learning and adaptability has kept him at the cutting edge of the industry, ready to tackle its dynamic challenges.

Impact and Results:

His tenure in the industry is marked by significant achievements, including pioneering business strategies that have consistently delivered ROI for clients and led to groundbreaking sales performances. Firaaz is not just about numbers; his approachable personality and focus on customer satisfaction ensures that strategic goals align with client needs and industry advancements.

Advice and Insights:

To those in the insurance industry, Firaaz advises a deep understanding of policies, honesty in disclosures, and a strategic approach to choosing insurers based on reputation and benefits. His unique perspective, shaped by years of experience across various facets of the industry, offers invaluable insights for both professionals and clients in the insurance sector.