Meet our Product Expert

Marc Namnick

Marc Namnick

Head of Business and Legal Insurance

Marc Namnick is a highly experienced professional with a profound understanding of operational and sales dynamics within the event and insurance industries.

“In most of the roles that have moulded my career and built my character, I had to start at the bottom; learning the ins and outs and working my way up.”

At the heart of his journey is a passion for creating unforgettable customer experiences and driving strategic growth within his organisation. His understanding of every little cog and wheel in the business engine allows him to present achievable, suitable solutions to the problems he looks to solve.

Early Career and Evolution:

Marc's career began on the operations floor at Warwick Hospitality and Events, where he quickly learned the ropes and moved up to the significant responsibility of Head of Media for the British and Irish Lions tour to South Africa. This role was a turning point, revealing his innate knack for leadership and his ability to handle complex logistical challenges. His early experiences laid a solid foundation for his understanding of the intricate balance required between operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Notable Achievements:

Marc's career is decorated with standout moments, such as leading the media operations for the British and Irish Lions tour and running the operations team while managing a call centre during the FIFA World Cup in SA. He has also excelled in client entertainment and relations, taking VIP clients to major sporting events worldwide, significantly exceeding sales targets, and expanding business products impressively.
He has grown his business product at JAG Method from R8m in 2022 to over R14m in 2023 and has consistently exceeded his targets while carrying other products where they have fallen short.

Current Role and Vision:

Marc continues to leverage his experience to drive innovation and team success in his current role. He is committed to expanding his academic horizon while applying his vast industry knowledge to foster growth and adapt to changing market demands. His vision for the future involves integrating cutting-edge technology with traditional customer service to create unique and memorable experiences.

Leadership and Personal Philosophy:

Marc's leadership style is characterised by authenticity and proactive engagement. He believes in the power of building strong relationships, both within his team and with clients, to create lasting impacts. His approach to leadership is deeply rooted in the belief that true success comes from empowering others and nurturing a culture of respect, learning, and continuous improvement.

Impact and Results:

Marc’s tenure in the industry is distinguished by groundbreaking business strategies and a consistent record of delivering results. He has successfully mentored numerous team members, helping them to achieve their personal and professional goals. His focus on meeting and exceeding expectations ensures that his strategic goals align seamlessly with client needs and industry advancements.

Advice and Insights:

Marc advises a deep understanding of customer expectations, the importance of detailed planning, and a strategic approach to project management for those he works with. His unique perspective, shaped by years of deep and diverse experiences, offers invaluable insights for both professionals and clients within the industry.