Meet our Product Expert

Phumudzo Matshili

Phumudzo Matshili

Head of Car Insurance Product

Phumudzo Matshili brings over 10 years of dedicated experience in the financial services and contact center industries, currently leading as a Client Development Manager at JAG Method. She’s a specialist at making people happy, with a compassionate perspective on the change she makes in her work.

“The biggest driving factor in my life, which has gotten me far, is the determination to change South African lives through my knowledge in the insurance industry one day at a time.”

Her career journey showcases a steadfast commitment to producing high quality work that helps the everyday man, beginning with foundational roles at FNB and Standard Bank, evolving through various leadership positions, and ultimately influencing the broader community through her personality and strategic prowess in the financial industry.

Early Career and Evolution:

Phumudzo began her career in sales, quickly distinguishing herself as a top-performing consultant with a deep understanding of business operations and client engagement. Her early exposure to sales leadership and insurance, combined with her knack for strategic process development, laid the groundwork for her future in shaping efficient and effective call center operations.

Notable Achievements:

Phumudzo's career trajectory is kicked off with her rapid ascension to the role of Client Development Manager. Under her leadership, she has driven substantial improvements in productivity within the banking sector, demonstrating her ability to forge robust relationships with her team and implement operational efficiencies that consistently deliver.

Current Role and Vision:

In her current role, Phumudzo is pivotal in refining sales strategies and managing daily operations of the call centres at JAG Method. She uses constructive feedback to solidify relationships and internal processes. Her efforts are geared towards driving sustainable profit and enhancing the operational stature of her organisation, with a keen focus on meeting the evolving demands of the market.

Leadership and Personal Philosophy:

Phumudzo is well known for her straightforward and honest communication style, fostering a culture of trust and collaboration among her teams and clients. She values guiding, supporting, and building real relationships with the people around her, which are critical for sustained growth and satisfaction. Her leadership is further characterised by her ability to communicate her analytical thinking and strategic approach to problem-solving.

Impact and Results:

Through her leadership, Phumudzo not only drives her team towards achieving exceptional sales results but also ensures that client interactions are conducted at the highest standard of professionalism and effectiveness. Her ability to translate complex client needs into actionable strategies has established her as a valuable asset at JAG Method.

Advice and Insights:

Phumudzo advises those in the financial services industry to embrace a thorough understanding of buying processes and maintain a focus on relationship-building as key factors for success. Her perspective, shaped by years of experience across various facets of the industry, offers invaluable insights for both professionals and clients in the sector.