Email Marketing Solutions

A system for sending messages from one individual to another via telecommunications links between computers or terminals using dedicated software

Traditional media has its place. But you’re not looking for traditional. Our Email marketing solutions immediately engage with your target market without the need for large quantities of print space, television or radio time or high production costs.

Good emails aren’t just sent.
They are crafted.

Every email campaign we produce is crafted from start to finish. If you want your email to stand out from the rest (and not get “trashed”), you have to be unique. You have to stand out.

We’ll work closely with you, building a creative, strategically aligned campaign that delivers on your business imperatives. Our pre-qualified, opted in-base has thousands of people who might already, or still want to do business with you.

And then we test it.

Our AB tests compare different email options to see which one performs better. Comparing “email A” against “email B” gives us a clearer indication of what works for you, and what doesn’t. This means you’re getting the very best, at the very lowest cost.